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Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

paycheckA common financial trap most people fall into, especially during economic uncertainty, is living paycheck to paycheck. Living paycheck to paycheck can make it difficult to afford anything outside of your basic living needs (i.e. food, housing, transportation, etc.). Even the thought of switching jobs or affording the basics if you are terminated may be a scary thought when you are living hand- to-mouth. A diverse range of emotional and financial consequences can result when your finances are tight.
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Build an Engaging Resume

engaging resumeJobs. We need them to feed our families and keep a roof over our heads. They are also needed to improve the sluggish economy. An engaging resume is the key to getting a hiring manager’s attention. Whether you need to spruce up your resume to land a new position or you are entering the workforce, these tips will help you catch a hiring manager’s eye.

Demonstrate your Skills

For years resume writing has included a list of skills. Employers are not impressed with your list of skills. Rather than a list, recruiters want to see how you apply your skills. Instead of saying “team-player,” show this skill by explaining how you facilitated teamwork in your career.
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Six Signs You Need To Quit Your Job

Signs You Need To QuitIt is important in life to have a good job. But sometimes a job can become unbearable and it would be wise to resign and move on. Below you will find six signs you need to quit your job and move on to bigger and brighter ventures.

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Five Reasons to Have Life Insurance

life insuranceMaking the financial decision to buy life insurance usually affects people on an emotional level. After all, buying life insurance is about protecting your loved ones after your demise. It’s a heavy subject, but something everyone needs to consider even if your employer provides a small life insurance policy. Here are the five biggest reasons that you should buy life insurance.
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