Build an Engaging Resume

engaging resumeJobs. We need them to feed our families and keep a roof over our heads. They are also needed to improve the sluggish economy. An engaging resume is the key to getting a hiring manager’s attention. Whether you need to spruce up your resume to land a new position or you are entering the workforce, these tips will help you catch a hiring manager’s eye.

Demonstrate your Skills

For years resume writing has included a list of skills. Employers are not impressed with your list of skills. Rather than a list, recruiters want to see how you apply your skills. Instead of saying “team-player,” show this skill by explaining how you facilitated teamwork in your career.

Details Count

Most resumes today are submitted electronically. Before uploading your resume, double check your formatting, grammar and spelling before you hit submit.

Quality, not Quantity

The old rule was that a resume should take up no more than one page. If you have a twenty-five year work history, you will likely need more than one page. Just keep it informational and concise, no more than two pages.

Don’t bury your contact information

Employers are busy. Do not waste their time, or yours, by making your contact information hard to find. Bold it, underline it, do something to make it stand out. List it right at the top of the page. If the hiring manager has to search for a way to contact you, he or she will just move on to the next resume.

Skip the Objective Statement

The objective statement is outdated. Employers don’t care what you are seeking to achieve in life. They want to see why are are a good candidate. Save that precious space to show them what you have done with your work experience.


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