Black Seed Oil – A Miracle?

black seed oilRecently black seed oil and its benefits has flooded the internet. People are touting their appreciation for it and calling it a cure-for-all. But is this oil truly ‘ a remedy for everything but death’? Let’s discuss and you decide.

Firstly, what is black seed oil? Where does it come from? And what are some of the ailments people claim it can alleviate?

Where does Black Seed Oil come from?

It comes from the plant called Nigella Sativa, but it has been called many names such as black cumin, onion seed, and black caraway. The plant is found in the southern regions of Asia. The seeds of the plant are small, black, and crescent shaped. The seeds have been used for years to season food. It is said to taste like black pepper, onion, and oregano.

The seeds are turned into oil by being placed in a commercial press. The seeds are grinded and crushed into the oil is extracted.


People are quick to say black seed oil is anti-asthmatic, especially for coughing and wheezing. However, studies suggest asthmatic drugs are more effective. More research will need to be done regarding other asthma related symptoms.


One of the most famous uses is on the hair. It is said to be able to increase hair growth. Some people even claim it has miraculous effects strengthening hair follicles and roots. It has been attributed to solving hair loss problems, but there is not much evidence supporting these claims. With that being said, oil (olive, grape seed, coconut, etc.) in general is known to aid in healthy hair and scalp.


Like asthma, people claim the oil can help aid digestion by reducing gas and therefore having a positive impact upon bloating and stomach pain. There is just not enough scientific evaluation to support this claim. Medical professional warn against taking large doses of the oil. So be careful if you choose to consume it.

High Blood Pressure

A lot of people tout how the oil lowers blood pressure. And there is some evidence it can. High blood pressure is known as a silent killer. So it would not be recommended to stop medication if you have been prescribed any by a medical professional. If you have low blood pressure, taking black seed oil could cause your pressure to become too low. Be careful.


This is the big one. There has been a lot of talk how this oil can “cure” cancer. Is that true? Well, black seed oil does have properties (thymoquinone) that has been known to prevent growth in cancer cells in rats and humans. More research into thymoquione and cancer prevention in humans is ongoing, but scientist believe it can be effective for cancer therapy.

Is black seed oil a miracle? May be too early to say, but it does appear to have some health benefits. More research and studies need to be conducted.  Again, we caution you not to stop any medication and always heed medical advise in lieu of black seed oil. However, with a medical professional’s permission, it could be useful as long as it doesn’t counteract with any medications and is not consumed in large doses.

Have you used black seed oil? How did it work for you? Let us know in the comments.

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