Why Businesses Should Care About Customer Service?

Customer ServiceCustomer service is the life-blood of any entity.

Giving terrible customer service is the quickest way to send current and potential customers running for the hills. Ultimately, destroying years of hard work establishing your brand.

On the other hand, giving excellent customer service will have you reaping rewards. Customers will speak highly of your products and services to friends and family – free advertising! You will get repeat customers, which will create constant income. And your status within the community will rise.

Below is is an example of terrible and excellent  customer service:


Susie has bought a $100.00 ticket to see a performance in a city several hours away from home. This trip will be a treat to celebrate her birthday. She gets a hotel room and a bus ticket to accommodate travel. When the day comes for her to travel, a sudden snow storm occurs. She calls the company she bought the ticket from for advise on what to do.

Terrible:  The customer service representative (CSR) has an attitude. He cuts Susie off and tells her she will lose her money because the performance will not be canceled due to the storm. No sympathy is given. When the CSR tires of Susie explaining, he notates her account of what was discussed and ends the call. On the verge of tears, Susie feels humiliated and lost about the loss of her $100.00. She plans on fighting the decision by writing a letter to corporate expressing her displeasure.

Excellent: The CSR has a friendly attitude. After hearing Susie’s story, he sympathizes with her. After all, the snow storm can be verified and it is beyond anyone’s control. He informs Susie that the performance will not be canceled, but she does have some options. She can either receive a refund or exchange the ticket for a later date. Susie’s stress began to subside when she realizes her $100.00 will not be lost. The CSR proceeds to issue a refund, notates the account, apologizes again, then ends the calls. Susie feels deeply satisfied with the company. Recommends this company to friends and family due to their fair treatment.

*This scenario is fictional, but a similar occurrence has happened. Names have been changed.*

Do you see how the excellent customer service has helped the company over time?

The temporary loss of Susie’s $100.00 may have generated thousands in the future due to their excellent customer service. Susie and her loved ones are more likely to use this company for booking tickets due to the positive experience.

Share your customer service experiences in the comment section below.

Photo credit: FreedigitalPhotos.net | David Castillo Dominici


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