Wear Sunscreen To Protect Your Skin

wear sunscreenTomorrow is Memorial’s Day in the United States. Memorial’s Day marks a day of remembering those who died while serving in the military and it marks the unofficial start of summer.

Like most of you, after a frigid winter, we want to enjoy nature’s warmth. In fact, our team — The Virgo Philosophy Team — just returned home from vacationing in Hawaii!

Despite us being happy that the sun is out, it is essential for everyone to remember the sun can cause adverse effects to your skin such as sunburn and skin cancer. It is imperative for you to wear sunscreen.

Wear Sunscreen

With the depleting ozone layer, the sun’s harmful rays can easily reach the earth. That’s bad news for everyone, including those whose skin doesn’t burn easily when exposed to the sun. The good news is that sunscreen protects all skin types  (…ahem even us melanated folks), so always put some on before going out to the sun.

If you need some further encouragement on why you need to use sunscreen on your next adventure, check out the following reasons:

Look young

Did you know one of the major causes of premature aging is ultraviolet exposure? Well, it is, so if you want to avoid wrinkles and leathery skin, the best thing to do is wear sunscreen.

Keep your skin tone even

We all hate skin discoloration and facial brown spots, and the good thing is that you can avoid such issues by using sunscreen. Say bye-bye to uneven skin tone.

It’s convenient

You don’t have to worry about sunscreen application methods, as there are lots of options, from sunscreen built into a moisturizer to sprays. Just ensure that you remember to reapply every two hours. You also have to reapply after a swim, since water-resistant sunscreens may still wash off.

Prevent skin damage from the sun

Skin cancer is not fun, folks! My former coworker had it right over his eye and is now disfigured by having it removed.

As an FDA-regulated product, sunscreens have been proved to filter Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation, which are the leading causes of skin cancer.

In addition to preventing skin damage from the sun, sunscreens also protect you from sunburn, which is typically an immediate reaction from too much sun exposure. Remember to choose a sunscreen with an SPF higher than 15 for maximum protection.

Stay safe out there!

Video credit:  U.S. Food and Drug Administration  |YouTube

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