Reflection: Violence Begets Violence

violenceDisclaimer: This is an open post and the subject may be sensitive.

 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best, “Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness.”

Hate has been spreading like a disease in many places in the world. Violence because a group doesn’t agree with another group’s religion. People are fearful or distrustful of another group (i.e. race, ethnicity). Hatred over how an individual identify themselves (i.e. sexuality).  It all ends the same – with bloodshed and tears. Life lost too soon and a community struggling to understand why.

When you walk out of your door to go about your daily routine. You don’t know if you will be a victim of violence or make it home safely. Will the violence come from a person who swore they will protect and serve you? Will it come from a person with radical ideals? These are the lingering thoughts of many due to the volatile nature our society is quickening towards.

Earlier this week, the news outlets reported on two men being killed by the police in the United States. One in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the other in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. We will reserve our opinion regarding the criminality of each situation. A court system will determine the justice. It shouldn’t go without saying, law enforcement is a tough, dangerous, but necessary job.

What we do know is two black men are now dead and their killers were white police officers. And nothing will change those facts.

Did the death sentence these two men received fit their actions? Was a crime committed in the first place? Why were these police officers fearful of these men? Should citizens fear the police? Why are situations being escalated and not de-esclated?

You decide.

Now displayed across the media outlets this morning is horrific video images of police officers being gunned down in Dallas, Texas. A peaceful protest regarding police shootings was held last night. Now five officers are dead, seven injured. The facts are fluid. And the identity of the suspect(s) are not known yet. And all we can think about is how there is more bloodshed, more death.

When will the violence stop? More violence won’t stop it. When will we in the words of Dr. King “meet the forces of hate with the power of love“.

Share your thoughts and comments below. Stay safe and most importantly, starting today don’t give in towards a divisive attitude. It starts with one.


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