Very Cool: Boston Dynamics’ New Robot In Motion

A robot existing along humans. We’ve seen these images in Hollywood movies and read about them in our favorite science fiction books, but this concept is no longer reserved for our imagination. Robots are here.

Boston Dynamics’ new robot, Atlas, was recently shared with the world and it’s capabilities are amazing.

Check it out below:

Atlas is bipedal –  a robot that walks on two legs. Some of its capabilities consists of opening doors, walking on outdoor terrain, catching itself when it stumbles, and lifting ten pound boxes. It is intelligent enough to understand when a box has fallen and has been moved away a few feet.  Also when pushed away and knocked down, it is not rendered immobile. Instead it gets up with precision. The time and labor taken to engineer Atlas is impressive. This is by far, the most intelligent bipedal robot we have seen in recent years.

What are your thoughts about robots?  Do you fear an uprising of machines or think about the positive attributes robots may bring? Let us know in the comments.

Video credit: Boston Dynamics | Youtube


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