Ten Signs To Identify A Secretly Jealous Friend

jealous friendFinding an authentic friend is remarkable — especially today. These days people with bad intentions will readily latch onto you for their benefit.

A jealous friend is the equivalent of a snake in the grass. You never know when they will strike. They are close to you, but they never mean well.

It is essential that you know how to identify a secretly jealous friend and take the right steps to eliminate them from your life.

Here are ten signs that your friend is secretly jealous of you.

Insincere Compliments

Some people give you compliments that they do not intend to provide. You will be able to detect they have a particularly difficult time congratulating you.


Do your friends show off their achievements? Some people show off when they achieve something especially when you have not been lucky enough. They will talk about their new job or their new relationship all day.

Imitate You

Some friends wait for you to do something so they can do it. When you change your hairstyle, they change theirs too. They will copy everything you do and try to do it better.


Some friends are always trying to get what you have. When you get into a new relationship, they will find a man too and start a relationship. They thrive by competing against you.

Celebrate your Failures

When you call your friends after a horrible break up, and they sound too happy, they were jealous of your relationship. They will be satisfied when you lose your job, and their reactions will show it.

They Abstain from Your Glorious Moments

Some friends will never show up when you are celebrating a milestone in your life. They will avoid you on your birthday, graduation, wedding, and other monumental occasions.

Talk Behind your Back

It is not okay for your most trusted friends to talk behind your back. They will spread rumors and even share your secrets with other people because they are jealous of you.

Humiliate You

Your friends are supposed to have your back when there is a need. Fake friends who are jealous of you will watch as you are embarrassed and encourage you to make a fool out of yourself.

Bad Advice

Jealous people will give you bad advice so they can see you fall apart in front of their eyes. They will be quick to convince you to do something wrong as opposed to direct you to do the right thing.

Criticize You

Some people criticize every aspect of our lives. They will wait for you to come up with an idea so they can shoot it down. They want to belittle everything you do.

Have you experienced a jealous friend? Let us know in the comments.

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