Poor Leadership in the Workplace

leadershipPoor leadership (i.e. management) can wreak havoc in a workplace. Below are examples of the damage poor leadership can cause:

Ways to Determine if the Leadership At Your Workplace is Poor

  • Staff either want to retire or leave for a better job. High turnover.
  • Employees have no trust in leadership. Leadership may have been unprofessional in the past (i.e. lied to staff or did not keep confidentiality about private matters).
  •  Employees don’t volunteer or have any ambition. Low morale.
  • No respect for leadership.
  • Lawsuits and/or complaints have been filed.
  • Staff questions who really is in charge. Others (i.e. coworkers) constantly putting ideas in the leader’s ear.
  • Flip Flopping agenda. Leadership contradicting the way the office conducts business.
  • Little to no productivity. People just don’t take pride in the work and could care less about the mission.
  • Excessive leave usage. Employees have no desire to come to work.
  • No one smiles in the office. A lot of backroom chatter about how much they dislike the job.
  • Employees become argumentative.
  • Acts of vandalism to leadership property.

Do you have other examples to add? Leave them below in the comments.


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