Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie Trailer

Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomThe summer is quickly approaching. We don’t know about you, but we are excited for the summer blockbusters! So far, one of the movies we are anxiously waiting to see is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018).  What can we say? Say the world “Jurassic” and we start to get nostalgic about our childhood. Keep reading to get our reaction to the movie trailer.

The Plot

According to Moviefone, the plot picks up three years after the last movie, Jurassic World:

Three years after the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing return to the island of Isla Nublar to save the remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that’s about to erupt. They soon encounter terrifying new breeds of gigantic dinos while uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the entire planet.

We think the conspiracy may have something to do with a private company or even a government entity tampering with the DNA of the dinosaurs.

Thoughts about the conspiracy? Make sure you let us know in the comments.

The Trailer

Release Dates

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom comes roaring to theaters in the Unites States on June 22, 2018. It comes to the UK a few weeks earlier on June 6, 2018.

We are not sure about other places in the world, but we will give an update when that information becomes available to us.

Our Reaction

We know you cannot see the broad grins on our faces, but they are there.

We first want to point out how we love the chemistry between Owen (played by Chris Pratt) and Claire (played by Bryce Dallas Howard). Their interactions feel natural and not forced.

Hey Blue! Blue is quickly becoming a fan favorite, if he isn’t already to many. We hope he still remembers Owen and is “good” in the film.

Love seeing Steven Spielberg is the Executive Producer! You cannot do this film without him. He truly is a living legend.

Love seeing Dr. Ian Malcolm (played by Jeff Goldblum). When he says, “These creatures were here before us and if we’re not careful, they’re gonna be here after. Life cannot be contained. Life breaks free. Life finds a way”, it foreshadows impending chaos. It is also a nod to the first movie, Jurassic Park.


Lots of running, explosions, and of course, a T Rex! Get the popcorn ready. We are in for an adventure and we are ready!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments. And if you loved this movie trailers, check out some others.

Video credit: Universal Pictures | Youtube


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