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save toys 'r' usUPDATE: If you donated to the GoFundMe, you should receive a refund. We received ours today ( April 25, 2018).

News of Toys ‘R’ Us closing their doors shook many young adults. Many of us hold memories of roaming their aisles desperately searching for a new toy. Who can forget their jingle and seeing images of Geoffrey the Giraffe? Toys ‘R’ Us represents happy times when we were young and full of dreams.

Their Downfall

What caused the downfall of this iconic store? No one is certain. Some people blame millennials who delayed having children, while some other people blame competitors like Walmart and Amazon. Billionaire CEO, Isaac Larian, believes the company’s debt crippled them. Whatever the case,  this beloved store is at a crossroad.

Save Toys ‘R’ US

Larian is a man of action. This CEO isn’t afraid of a challenge. As the CEO behind the Bratz dolls and Little Tike toys, he has proven he has what it takes. He doesn’t want to harp on where the store went wrong. He wants to save the brand. Along with the help of a few investors, they have pledge $200 million dollars to help save Toys ‘R’ US. Their goal is $1 billion. They are asking for the public’s help and if you were a Toy ‘R’ Us kid, now is the time to help. Please visit their GofundMe page and donate as much as you can afford. Share this fundraiser with your friends and family so their mission will reach as many people as possible.

Giving is a sign of support. If you would also like to support us, please do so here.


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