Everstryke Match – Coolness in a Small Package

Everystryke MatchThe Everstryke Match – coolness in a small package!

Matches are very useful. People associate matches with smoking. However, their use goes beyond that.

Matches can be used for birthday cakes, lighting candles in a black out, and starting a necessary fire for survival purposes.

Everyone has at some point been without electricity due to a storm or utility issues. How long did it take you to find a match?  How many bad matches did you go through just to find one that worked? Not anymore.

The Everstryke Match solves that problem. One Everstryke match can start 15,000 strikes. That’s amazing! It is even waterproof. Not to mention, it is easily accessible. It is designed to be attached to a key chain.

Don’t be left in the dark. Get your own Everstryke Match today!

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