Enjoying Poetry: When I’m Gone by Lyman Hancock

Lyman HancockOver the past few weeks, we have noticed there has been countless reports of individuals tragically succumbing to untimely deaths.

By now you may have heard of XXXTentacion’s shocking murder in Florida. He was only 20 years old. Locally, a 28 year old woman was mauled and killed by her fiance’s dog. In the Bronx, an innocent 15 year old boy was dragged out of a bodega and stabbed to death with machetes by gang members. And a viral video this week showed two men (age 29 and 46) drowning in the Niagara River after attempting to retrieve a piece of driftwood. Bystanders rendered no aid to them.

Treasure Each Second

Despite life being a rare phenomenon in the universe (to our knowledge), we take it for granted. Each deadly tale should remind us how short and precious life is.

Treasure each second you have on earth and do not underestimate how fragile life is. Remember: Mors Certa, Hora Incerta.

To those who are struggling to deal with the loss of a loved one, we dedicate a poem entitled When I’m Gone by Lyman Hancock to you.

When I’m Gone by Lyman Hancock

When I come to the end of my journey
And I travel my last weary mile,
Just forget if you can, that I ever frowned
And remember only the smile.

Forget unkind words I have spoken;
Remember some good I have done,
Forget that I ever had heartache
And remember I’ve had loads of fun.

Forget that I’ve stumbled and blundered
And sometimes fell by the way.
Remember I have fought some hard battles
And won, ere the close of the day,

Then forget to grieve for my going,
I would not have you sad for a day,
But in summer just gather some flowers
And remember the place where I lay

And come in the shade of evening
When the sun paints the sky in the west,
Stand for a few moments beside me
And remember only my best.

Feel free to use the comments section to grieve any loss or vent any pain.

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2 thoughts on “Enjoying Poetry: When I’m Gone by Lyman Hancock”

  1. How do you say THANK YOU to someone you’ve never met but who has taken your feelings and put beautiful words to them?With your blessing this will be read after I’m gone.????????

    1. Thank you for your comment, Connie. We woke up to your beautiful comment this morning! We are delighted you enjoyed the poem.

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