Enjoying Poetry: Persevere by Meme Hurley

PerseverePersevere is a short, but magnificent poem by amateur poet Meme Hurley. The author states that the poem isn’t directed at one particular person but focuses on how people as a whole treat each other in 2018.

Hurley states,

I am not perfect, but I strive to live by Christian principles on a daily basis. I wrote this poem in five minutes after reflecting on the state of the world. This poem refers to a “Misses” but could depict either a man or a woman.

Some of you may also feel dismayed with the state of society. In 2018, social media has made it easier for people to become envious of others, narcissistic, and greedy for money and attention.  When the rose colored glasses are removed, the darkness of the world can be overwhelming, but we must all persevere.


Eyes like daggers,
voice like hisses,
those are the images,
I see of you Misses.

So much envy,
so much hate,
your laugh mask lies,
and your smiles are fake.

Slow down Darling,
slow down soon,
before your Master corrupts you,
and send you to your doom.

Spread your love,
abandon your fears,
for Jesus is the Savior,
He will help us all persevere.

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