Enjoying Poetry: “Hopeless” By Erin Hanson


Disclaimer: If you are in the United States and have thoughts about suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. For everyone else, please check with your local listings for help.

“Hopeless” is yet another beautiful poem by my favorite poet, Erin Hanson. We dubbed this poem “Hopeless” because as most of you know, Erin Hanson does not title her poetry. Enjoy!

The Message

When I first read “Hopeless”, I was touched deeply. Like some of you, I have experienced bouts of depression. I too felt lost and had dark thoughts about giving up.

I just want to say to those who may be in this situation right now that this too shall pass. Your current situation is temporary, so don’t make any permanent decisions. Life is precious. The future is bright and things will get better. Please don’t ever feel like you are hopeless and alone!

“Hopeless” By Erin Hanson

You tell me that you’re hopeless,
You want your life less than your death,
But if you jumped into a pool right now,
I know you’d hold your breath,
So I know that it’s not hopeless,
But that your hope’s just hard to find,
And if I showed  you all you can become,
I know you’d change your mind,
You might have hit rock bottom,
But it’s the perfect place to start,
Where the only thing that you can hear,
Is the beating of your heart,
You have to almost lose it,
To remember what you’ve had,
And that there’s been a share of good times,
Mixed in between the bad,
So don’t wait for the ending,
Until your last breath starts to leave,
Before you finally remember,
How much you like to breathe.

– E.H.

Support Erin Hanson‘s work by buying her books. This was not asked by her or anyone affiliated with her. As fans, we just want to help support this exceptional poet. Thanks!

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