Enjoying Poetry: Don’t Just Exist by Erin Hanson

don't just existDon’t Just Exist is another brilliant poem by Erin Hanson. This poem should remind us about time. Time – it is the nemesis to human existence. Relentlessly ticking away and chipping at our mortality.

When I was a graduating youth, I thought I could the change the world. Probably a normal notion of the young and naive. Then the Recession hit, and like most people I just wanted a job. Years later, I would sit in my office at work, reflecting about my dreams and pondering on how I got ended up in the rat race for a paycheck. Could I quit my job? No. But I slowly started pulling back. Doing more projects outside of work that I enjoyed and were entrepreneurial. I started taking more trips around the world and spending time with my family. And most of all, I gave myself time to simply relax.

Most of us are not where we would like to be in life. It is okay. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Have a plan. Start small and face your fears. You owe it to yourself to start living your dreams and finding happiness.

Don’t Just Exist by Erin Hanson

So many people walk this earth
With purpose in their eyes,
But in their heart of hearts they know,
What they’re living is a lie,
The alarm goes off at 6am,
Like every other day,
So they can walk into a job they hate,
Because they need the pay,
All time does is take from them,
But it never seems to give,
Always waiting for the day to come,
When they finally start to live,
I’m all too scared that one day soon,
I’ll become just like the rest,
Only walking with the crowd,
Because my dreams have been oppressed,
That one day I’ll look back on life,
At the opportunities that I missed,
And realize I never truly lived,
All I did was just exist.

– E.H.

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