Don’t Count Yourself Out

Don't Count Yourself OutWe hope everyone is well this Friday. This morning we had a staff meeting and discussed times we doubted ourselves. One of our staff members recounted the following story. We hope it inspires someone today to not count themselves out and to embrace positive vibes.

I had a job at a well-known organization but it was seasonal. I needed a full time job with benefits for the entire year. So I applied and landed a job at another well-known organization. This organization  has a lot of scientists, medical doctors, and specialists. I was scared and wasn’t sure if I was “good enough”. I remember being escorted by a man in his early 40s to my interview. He had thick glasses,  slim, and looked very intelligent. Fear crept in me and I started doubting myself. Could I do this job? Would they like me? Is this the right fit for me?

Well, I did get the job. They loved not only my work, but me too. I worked closely with the man who escorted me to my interview and my perception of him being incredibly intelligent was misguided. The man struggled to do very simple tasks.  I later found out he actually used to do the same work as me years prior but was removed due to him failing miserably.

This memory is not to bash. Or, to state I am better than anyone. The man mentioned is a nice person. The purpose is to share a valuable lesson. Don’t count yourself out without knowing the details. I could have doubted myself out of a wonderful opportunity due to fear. You never know what you are capable of until you do it.

Peace and blessings!

Do you have a similar story? Share in the comments.


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