Worst Christmas Gift To Give

Worst Christmas GiftMost people look forward to the holidays with anticipation.

It’s a magical time.

It does not matter if the holidays represents a religious meaning to you , or you are just looking forward to spending quality time with family and friends, you all, no doubt, have high expectations for the day.

Trimming the tree, decorating your home and planning menus are all part of the fun and the magic of the holiday season. Making sure everyone has a good time is paramount.

But, the stumbling block often comes on Christmas morning, when a beautifully wrapped gift reveals the ugliest, oddest item you have ever seen. It is the worst Christmas gift ever.

Well, you’re not alone. We could all reel off a list of gifts that have left us awestruck, for the wrong reasons!

So, to help make sure your gifts are awesome and not awful this year, take a look at the list below of the worst Christmas gifts for men and women, so you have some idea what you should avoid.

These items are the worst Christmas gifts for women (unless they’ve specifically asked for them):

  • Tools for the home/kitchen/car – too impersonal
  • Advice books/DIY manual – so you think she needs improvement?
  • Cheap polyester ‘sexy’ underwear – tacky.
  • Membership to a gym – so you think she’s fat!
  • Cheap jewelry – Go big or don’t bother.

And it’s not just the guys who get things wrong. Ladies, unless they ask for them specifically, men think these are the worst Christmas gifts they’ve been given:

  • Novelty slippers/socks/ties with Christmas motifs – it’s just not that funny
  • Soap on a rope/in a basket – pointless
  • A boxed set of DVDs for Pride and Prejudice and other classics – these are for you not him
  • A weekend for two to a get in touch with your feelings workshop – his worst nightmare
  • Second hand stuff – tacky

Gift giving is a thoughtful gesture, but remember to put actual thought into it. Don’t over think it and try to buy the best Christmas gift ever. Think about a gift the person has been wanting all year. Listen to them. Come up with one good idea and buy it. Repeat this  process for everyone on your list. And when in doubt, buy a gift receipt!

What are some of the worst christmas gifts you have received? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Holidays.


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