Six Christmas Traditions to Make Your Family Holiday Special

six christmas traditionsTrying a new Christmas tradition can be a fun way to make memories with your family that will last a lifetime. Most families have traditions that have been passed down through the years but there are always new traditions you can try to make your holiday celebrations even more special. The following list tells of six fun traditions that you can do with your family this year.

Movie Marathon

Have a Christmas movie marathon. Let everyone pick out their favorite Christmas movie and either rent the movie or stream it online. Make popcorn and have a festive drink like sparkling cider. It’s fun to sit around in your pajamas for hours relaxing with the family and watching classic holiday movies.

See a Lights Display

Make a special time of seeing a lights display. This is even more fun if it’s a surprise. Make some hot chocolate for everyone and search online for a Christmas lights scavenger hunt or make your own. See who can be the first to mark everything off their list.

Give Back

Pick a charity and shop together. There are many options this time of year for charities. You can choose a child from an angel tree, pick a local needy family or even send gifts to residents at your local nursing home. It offers a great way for kids to give something back during the season.

Decorate Your Tree

Have a tree trimming party. Make a big deal of decorating your Christmas tree. Have some snacks, put on Christmas music and make a few ornaments of your own. Don’t rush the process and take time to reminisce over your ornaments and tell the kids the stories behind them.

Make a Gingerbread House

Build and decorate your own gingerbread house. This can really be as six christmas traditionssimple or complex as you want. If you feel up to it you can bake your gingerbread pieces from scratch and assemble it all yourself. If you want something easier you can buy kits that already have everything in them you need to make the perfect house.

Get into the Kitchen

Let everyone look online or through some cookbooks for a holiday treat they would like to make. Take a day in the kitchen to bake up some treats to giveaway for gifts and of course a few to keep. Some fun suggestions are sugar cookies or gingerbread cut into fun shapes and decorated with colorful icing.

Christmas traditions don’t have to be expensive or even complicated. The most important thing is to give your family something to look forward to each year and to provide them with fun memories that can continue to be passed down to future generations.

What are some of your holiday traditions? Let us know in the comments


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