Ways to lose a valuable employee

valuable employeeSince the start of the Recession in 2007, the economy has favored the employer. Despite fears regarding the economy and jobs, valuable employees are still giving 100% to their jobs. People are happy to have employment. However, the level of appreciation isn’t the same. When the economy shifts back into the employees’ favor, employees may start looking for better jobs. High turnover will always hurt an organization. To avoid high turnover, employers need to be mindful of what causes employees to leave.
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Tip of the Month: Hanging Necklaces

Do you own necklaces and have no place to put them? Are you worried that your necklaces will tangle? Can’t afford a jewelry box or don’t have the space for one.

hanging necklaces

Try one of these tips for hanging necklaces, in particular, custom jewelry. Fine jewelry is not recommended for the following tips.
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