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Mandarin Oranges Are A Healthy Snack

mandarinsMandarin oranges are a popular snack in the winter months and around the holidays. They are readily available at most any grocery store, and offer a portable, easy to eat snack. Even better, mandarins are extremely good for you, and are a healthy sweet treat. Continue reading Mandarin Oranges Are A Healthy Snack


Understanding the Real ID Act

Example of a REAL ID for North Carolina. This may not be the final version.

The effects of September 11th are still being felt today. After the horrific terrorist act, the 9/11 Commission decided the United States needed to improve security with a standard for identification. This idea prompted the creation of a “nationwide id” called the REAL ID. According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the REAL ID will “improve the reliability and accuracy of state-issued identification documents, which should inhibit terrorists’ ability to evade detection by using fraudulent identification.Continue reading Understanding the Real ID Act


Reflections: Make Memories and Enjoy Quality Time

Make MemoriesMost of us work. In the United States, most people work 40 hours or more. We become workaholics to create stability for our family and to put forth our own embodiment of the “American Dream”.  But is it worth it? In most circumstances – yes. Working helps us pay for a roof over our heads and allows us to buy food to eat. It may even allow us take a great vacation once in awhile or buy that new fancy top. But in some ways working impedes us from enjoying priceless moments in life. Continue reading Reflections: Make Memories and Enjoy Quality Time


Celery – A Powerhouse Food

celeryCelery always looks garden-fresh and the crunchiness of its stalks is fun to eat.  But celery is more than just green and crunchy. It is low calorie and chock-full of health benefits. Some even argue celery is a healthier option than an apple.
Continue reading Celery – A Powerhouse Food